Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What would you like to eat? How about a chinese night? Kevin worked at Chinese Lantern for years you know. He could probably whip up some great chinese food. What specials would you like to see? First to comment gets a free beverage ticket!
(Jill did we ever give you your tickets?)


Jill said...

Yes, Lu, I did get my freebies(and proceeded to have several more that night ;) ).If the weather stays shitty, we may see you this weekend.

katie d said...

I think you should try out the prime rib!
other ideas: pizza, mexican night, chili cook-off, chicken wing night with different varieties
I don't even need any free drink coupons, seeing as you're my favorite customer:) Shhhh - keep that quiet:)

Katie from

Billy's said...

Thank you Katie!!